The Excel 2002 VBA Programmer's Reference is a beginner-intermediate level guide to using VBA with Excel. It starts with a 'VBA Primer', which is applicable to the strong beginner and those who have programmed before but are new to VBA. It goes on to explain how to use VBA to control the main parts of Excel, from manipulating Ranges to creating Addins. It then introduces some more advanced topics, from creating Addins using Visual Basic to programming with the Windows API. Chapter 22 - International Issues is provided as a sample chapter, explaining how to create Excel applications that will work worldwide. The book ends with three large appendices that list all the objects in the Excel, VBE and Office object models, with their properties, methods and many code samples of their usage.

All four authors are professional Excel developers who run our own companies developing Excel-based applications for clients ranging from individuals to the largest multinational corporations.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Excel
2 Primer in Excel VBA
3 The Application Object
4 Workbooks and Worksheets
5 Using Ranges
6 Using Names
7 Pivot Tables
8 Filtered Lists
9 Generating Charts
10 Event Procedures
11 Adding Controls
12 Office Files and Folders
13 Userforms
14 Command Bars
15 Class Modules
16 Addins
17 Automation Addins and COM Addins
18 Smart Tags
19 Interacting with Other Office Applications
20 Data Access with ADO
21 Excel and the Internet
22 International Issues
23 Programming the VBE
24 Programming with the Windows API
A Excel 2002 Object Model
B VBE Object Model
C Office XP Object Model