Reviewers' Comments

"Think you know Microsoft Excel? Think again. This book covers intermediate (class modules, dictator applications etc.) to advanced topics like XLLs, C APIs and Web Services. It offers plenty of easy to understand code listings that show exactly what the authors are trying to convey without forcing the readers to follow step-by-step."

Deepak Sharma, Sr. Systems Specialist, Tata Infotech Ltd.

"This book takes off where other Excel books stop. It covers Excel programming beyond VBA and looks at the professional issues - security, distribution, working with databases - using VB, VB.NET and Windows API calls. The authors' depth and practical experience shows in the details. They explain complex issues clearly, describe best practices, and point out traps to avoid."

Shauna Kelly,

"The approach of following an application's development is very effective in developing the concepts as the chapters unfold. The practical, working examples used are relevant to many professional programmers."

Jan Karel Pieterse, JKP Application Development Services,

"This book stands out. While there are plenty of Excel books, I am not aware of any organized in this way. Information on .NET, and C, as well as other unique and useful chapters makes this a great offering."

Ken Bluttman, author of Developing Microsoft Office Solutions

"This book explains difficult concepts in detail. The authors provide more than one method for complex development topics, along with the advantages and disadvantages of using the various methods described. They have my applause for the incorporation of development best practices."

Beth Melton, Microsoft Office MVP

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